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We examined the sequence variation of mitochondrial DNA control region and cytochrome b gene of the house mouse (Mus musculus sensu lato) drawn from ca. 200 localities, with 286 new samples drawn primarily from previously unsampled portions of their Eurasian distribution and with the objective of further clarifying evolutionary episodes of this species(More)
Taxonomic analysis has previously revealed that the species of moles that inhabit Japan are characterized by exceptional species richness and a high level of endemism. Here, we focused on the evolutionary history of the four Japanese mole species of the genera Euroscapter and Mogera, examining mitochondrial cytochrome b (cyt b) gene sequences and comparing(More)
We compared partial sequences (402 bp) of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene in 68 individuals of martens (Martes), weasels (Mustela) and their relatives from the Northern Hemisphere to identify the modes of geographic differentiation in each species. We then compared complete sequences (1140 bp) of the gene in 17 species of the family Mustelidae to know(More)
When the Y chromosome of the laboratory inbred mouse strain C57BL/6 (B6) is replaced by the Y of certain strains of Mus musculus domesticus, testis determination fails and all XY fetuses develop either as hermaphrodites or XY females (XY sex reversal). This suggests the presence of at least two alleles of Sry, the male-determining gene on the Y:M. m.(More)
We assessed dispersal and vicariant events in four species of Japanese moles in the genera Mogera and Euroscaptor to better understand the factors shaping intra- and interspecific differentiation in Japanese moles. We used the combined viewpoints of molecular phylogeny and historical geology using nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial (cytochrome b; Cytb)(More)
Uncovering the genetic basis of species diversification is a central goal in evolutionary biology. Yet, the link between the accumulation of genomic changes during population divergence and the evolutionary forces promoting reproductive isolation is poorly understood. Here, we analysed 124 genomes of crow populations with various degrees of genome-wide(More)
The jungle crow Corvus macrorhynchos Wagler, 1827, and the carrion crow Corvus corone L., 1758, are two closely related species with similar ecological requirements that occupy wide distribution ranges in the Palearctic. We studied patterns of their genetic variation by using sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. Corvus macrorhynchos(More)
1. In recent years the rational approximations have been widely used to solve physical and computational problems /1,2/. When a real function f(x) is repeatedly calculated on a ≤ × ≤ b, it is reasonable to replace it by a polynomial or rational approximation on [a,b]. For example, if f(x) is a composite combination of elementary and special(More)
The communication between a user @nd Q computer can be realized in the dialogue or package mode. In numer ical calculations the package mode is quite acceptable, but it is not so good for analytic calcul ations because of their specific char acter. In analytic cal cul a-tions an active search for solution i s, as a r ul e, done which is based, to a large(More)