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<italic>The model has strongly influenced the construction of the design aid both in its functionality and in the specification of the user interface. A designer is able to interact with the tool via a direct manipulation interface which offers a drawing board metaphor. Any part of the evolving hierarchical design representation can be accessed and it(More)
The design of medical knowledge-based computer systems requires effective interdisciplinary communication for the development of a community sharing common goals and a common language for design. Over the past 9 years the Perinatal Research Group, an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, engineers and clinicians, have developed a prototype(More)
Only 1-2% of people is red-headed but in the Russian Udmurt Republic or United Kingdom they can be met more often. A specific variant of MC1R gene (R allele) is responsible for the red hair. The gene encodes a receptor for melanocortins. These substances stimulate melanocytes to product melanin- a dye of the skin which is transported to keratinocytes. It(More)
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