A. P. Hillman

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Being in paid employment is socially valued, and is linked to health, financial security and time use. Issues arising from a lack of occupational choice and control, and from diminished role partnerships are particularly problematic in the lives of people with an intellectual disability. Informal support networks are shown to influence work opportunities(More)
The Wythoff pairs A n and B n are the ordered safe-pairs in the game. See for example [1]. where a = (1 + /3")/2. a 2 = a + 1. The following properties will be assumed: (i) The sets A and B are disjoint sets whose union is the set of positive integers. (ii) B n = A n + n. Lemma 2: There a r e A n-n B f s l e s s t h a n i4 w. P/LOO^: It is easy to see that(More)
BACKGROUND This research describes issues related to human rights as they arose within the everyday lives of people in nine personal support networks that included adult Australians with an intellectual disability (ID). METHOD The research was part of a wider 3-year ethnographic study of nine personal support networks. A major criterion for recruitment(More)
Vd&ldattd to tka memory o& \J2xv1 Hoggatt The U.S. Constitution mandates that "Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers.. .. The number of representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand, but each state shall have at least one representative." Implementation is left to Congress.(More)
A study was conducted with the purpose of describing self-perceived occupational role performance and to explore the possibility that role is a concept that is understood and utilised in the planning and performance of meaningful occupations. The participants were thirteen men who had experienced a stroke and undergone rehabilitation. The naturalistic(More)