A. P. Gibson

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we have developed a novel near-infrared optical topography system that can acquire images at 10 frames per second. Sixteen laser diode sources (at 785 and 850 nm) are illuminated simultaneously, and each of 8 avalanche photodiode detectors records light from multiple sources. In this system, the contribution from each source is demultiplexed in software(More)
We report the results of a search for a charged Higgs boson in the decays of top quarks produced in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96 TeV. We use a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 193 pb-1 collected by the upgraded Collider Detector at Fermilab. No evidence for charged Higgs production is found, allowing 95% C.L.(More)
A survey of 121 male volunteers who were questioned regarding their attitudes to q'at (Khat or Catha edulis) is presented. This preceded a dental examination that revealed a low caries rate, an inverse relationship between periodontal pocket depth and the chewing side, and evidence of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Keratosis of the buccal(More)
  • Canadian Medical Association journal
  • 1956
Downloading the book in this website lists can give you more advantages. It will show you the best book collections and completed collections. So many books can be found in this website. So, this is not only this congenital dysplasia of the hip joint. However, this book is referred to read because it is an inspiring book to give you more chance to get(More)
We report the first measurements of inclusive W and Z cross sections times leptonic branching ratios for pp collisions at square root[s]=1.96 TeV, based on their decays to electrons and muons. The data correspond to an integrated luminosity of 72 pb(-1) recorded with the CDF detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. We test e-mu universality in W decays, and we(More)
Plasma renin activity (PRA) and blood aldosterone and deoxycorticosterone levels were measured in Australian lungfish. Plasma renin activity was depressed after intravenous infusions of iso-osmotic (0-6%) NaCl but not after hypo-osmotic (0-3%) infusions. The presence of PRA in this fish is consistent with prior reports of renal renin activity in other(More)
We describe a series of novel simultaneous EEG and diffuse optical imaging studies of newborn infants. These experiments provide evidence of large, transient haemodynamic events which occur repeatedly and consistently within and across several infants with neurological damage, all of whom were diagnosed with seizures. A simple but independent process of(More)
We present the first observation of exclusive e(+)e(-) production in hadron-hadron collisions, using pp[over] collision data at (square root) s = 1.96 TeV taken by the run II Collider Detector at Fermilab, and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 532 pb(-1). We require the absence of any particle signatures in the detector except for an electron and(More)
We present a measurement of the ratio of top-quark branching fractions R = B(t --> Wb)/B(t --> Wq), where q can be a b, s, or a d quark, using lepton-plus-jets and dilepton data sets with an integrated luminosity of approximately 162 pb(-1) collected with the Collider Detector at Fermilab during Run II of the Tevatron. The measurement is derived from the(More)
Marsupial mice, Antechinus stuartii, were given intraperitoneal (ip) injections of 1-30 micrograms of Val5-angiotensin II amide to determine whether it had any effect on thirst. Drinking in the first hour after injection and measured water intake over 2 and 24 hr were not substantially increased compared with controls. Intraperitoneal injection of sheep(More)