A P Capon

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This paper reports a study that investigated the relationships between verbal and spatial measures of working memory capacity and performance on the Tower of Hanoi and a conditional reasoning task. Four working memory measures were included, a simple word span, a simple spatial span, a complex verbal span and a complex spatial span. The participants were 70(More)
In order to investigate functional cortical reorganization during recovery from conduction aphasia, regional cerebral blood flows (rCBF) were measured by the two-dimensional 133 Xenon inhalation method in ten stroke patients. rCBF measurements were performed at rest and during the performance of a linguistic task, one month and three months after onset. The(More)
We studied the mechanisms underlying the recovery of motor function of the hand using a bidimensional xenon-133 inhalation technique to measure regional cerebral blood flow at rest and during the performance of a motor task (test condition). The regional cerebral blood flow patterns under rest and test conditions were compared in normal control and in(More)
In order to study the pathophysiology of language disorders due to deep-seated left-hemisphere lesions not involving the cortex, a population of 43 right-handed stroke patients (29 aphasic) presenting with such lesions was studied clinically and by regional cerebral blood flow measurements (two-dimensional xenon-133 inhalation method). Most of the patients(More)
Two patients suffering from a left thalamus infarct were studied over a long period. The precise location of the lesion has been demonstrated by the C.T. scan. In spite of the absence of any cortical lesion, both presented with aphasia and other neuropsychological disorders (left-right confusion, dyscalculia and possible finger agnosia). Their speech(More)
In 3 patients with a stroke limited to the posterior fossa, regional cerebral blood Flows were measured by the 133 Xe inhalation method (the first two cases) or by the SPECT with HMPAO method (the third case). The first patient had a median and paramedian hematoma of the left cerebellar hemisphere and the left dorsolateral portion of the pons. Remote(More)
Cerebral blood flow (133Xenon inhalation method) has been studied in 30 aphasic stroke patients at 15, 30, 60 and 90 days after onset. In total aphasia the CBF values are low and the regional hypoperfused areas are extensive. In Broca's, Wernicke's and nominal aphasias, resting CBF measurements do not provide the clinician with useful additional information(More)
Cortical remote effects of right deep-seated lesions were studied with two cerebral blood flow measurement methods (two-dimensional xenon-133 inhalation and 99mTc HMPAO SPECT) in a population of 13 right-handed stroke patients. A neuropsychological battery of tests suitable for assessment of possible visual neglect was performed. Neglect was present in 7(More)
A simple two-channel programming unit permitting the control of conditional probabilities. Bertelson, P. L'utilisation de la théorie de l'information en psychologie. Revue belge de Statistique et de Recherche opérationnelle, 2, 26-27. 1962 Bertelson, P. La prédiction de performances complexes à partir de résultats de laboratoire : possibilités offertes par(More)