A. P. Berseneva

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The functional state of the body was assessed in healthy subjects performing their daily work under stress conditions. The study sample comprised bus drivers aged 25–65 years. A prenosological approach was used to assess the borderline between the physiologically normal state and pathological conditions. At the first stage of the study (prenosological(More)
The possibilities of the "health structure" index application for estimation of the effectivity of physical culture and health improvement work are presented. It is shown that regular physical loadings provide the preservation of the high health level. In small activity mode of life and, especially, irregular physical training, the health level reduces and(More)
The methodology of evaluating the health status of the normal man is discussed. Special attention is given to the boundary states between the norm and pathology, i.e. ++pre-nosological and premorbid states. The development of automatic systems for evaluating the functional state of the human body is described. A motor-borne automatic system "Autosan-82" is(More)
The paper deals with the morbidity- and mortality-associated problem arising from the processes occurring in the transition period of development of new Russia. It points to the leading role of health care service in this process. The authors show the real health status of the working population, the actual state of affairs with the rendering primary(More)