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Vitamin D deficiency is a well-known comorbidity of obesity that can be exacerbated after bariatric surgery and can predispose the patient for hypocalcemia. Vitamin D and calcium doses to prevent and treat vitamin D deficiency after weight loss surgery are not well defined. We describe a patient who developed severe hypocalcemia due to vitamin D deficiency(More)
This paper analyses the application of hierarchical classifiers based on the k-NN rule to the automatic classification of handwritten characters. The discriminating capacity of a k-NN classifier increases as the size of the reference pattern set (RPS) increases. This supposes a problem for k-NN classifiers in real applications: the high computational cost(More)
The study aims to assess the clinical evidence, outcome and cost of off-label use of medicines in the hospital setting. A multicentric prospective cohort study of patients treated with off-label medicines was carried out in five tertiary hospitals from May 2011 to May 2012. Information on clinical characteristics of patients, drugs, outcomes and costs was(More)
BACKGROUND Information about the achievement of glycemic targets in patients with type 2 diabetes according to different individualization strategies is scarce. Our aim was to analyze the allocation of type 2 diabetic patients into individualized glycemic targets according to different strategies of individualization and to assess the degree of achievement(More)
The Focal Stack Transform integrates a 4D lightfield over a set of appropriately chosen 2D planes. The result of such integration is an image focused on a determined depth in 3D space. The set of such images is the Focal Stack of the lightfield. This paper studies the existence of an inverse for this transform. Such inverse could be used to obtain a 4D(More)
Plenoptic cameras are a new type of sensors that capture the four-dimensional lightfield of a scene. Processing the recorded lightfield, these cameras extend the capabilities of current commercial cameras offering the possibility of focusing the scene after the shot or obtaining 3D information. Conventional photographs focused on certain planes can be(More)
During surveys carried out for assessing the occurrence of cucurbit-infecting soil fungi, melon plants exhibited necrosis on the basal stem, wilt and death. Mycological analysis and experimental inoculations showed the causal agent to be Fusarium solani f. sp. cucurbitae. This is the first report of F. solani f. sp. cucurbitae as the causal agent of crown(More)
Hohenbergia penduliflora (A. Rich.) Mez. inhabits the protected ecological area of Cunagua Highland, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba. The availability of this plant for experimental purposes is exceedingly limited. Tissue cultured plants of this specie, would be useful for propagation purposes. Experiments were carried out to optimize the micropropagation process from(More)
Plant scientists usually record many indicators in their experiments. The common statistical management involves univariate analyses. Such analyses generally create a split picture of the effects of experimental treatments since each indicator is addressed independently. The Euclidean distance combined with the expert’s criteria seems to show potential as(More)