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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Fetal cardiac tumors are rare and have a different histology than in adults: in the fetus, rhabdomyoma is more prevalent, but myxoma has not been described. We report our experience with nine fetuses with prenatally diagnosed primary cardiac tumours. METHODS This is an observational and descriptive study of fetuses investigated(More)
Pyriform sinus fistula has recently been described as a new, rare and little known pathology. The process develops as latero-cervical suppurative adenitis or acute suppurative thyroiditis, usually on the left side. Radical surgery is mandatory to avoid recurrence. This congenital malformation must be present in the differential diagnosis of recurrent(More)
Thyroid carcinoma in childhood is a rare, but nevertheless malignant disease, with a high incidence of nodal metastasis. Seven children, 6 boys and 1 girl, aged 4 to 9 years with thyroid carcinoma were treated at the Hospital Infantil Valle de Hebrón of Barcelona between 1965 and 1990. The diagnosis was established by cervical nodal biopsy in all cases(More)
BACKGROUND In the last few years, survival in children with central nervous system (CNS) tumors has slightly improved, especially in children with tumors such as medulloblastoma and those in which complete surgical resection is achieved. However, outcome remains poor in patients with incomplete surgical resection, neuroaxial dissemination, metastatic or(More)
BASIS The objectives of the study are: 1. Know the grade of satisfaction of the parents of children operated in a program of surgery without admission (CSI). 2. Compare it with another program of surgery with admission (CCI). 3. Know the outputs of reentry and complications of both programs. MATERIAL AND METHOD 95 children were operated in a program of(More)
116 infants under one year of age (14 per 100) with malignancies including 35 neuroblastomas, 23 retinoblastomas, 14 Wilm's tumours, 10 hepatoblastomas, 10 brain tumours, 9 germ cell tumours, 8 histiocytic and 7 soft tissue sarcomas, were treated in the last ten years. Hepatoblastoma is the highest relative incidence tumor in the first year of life and with(More)
Eighteen catheterizations were attempted in 17 patients catheters (Arrow 3ChFr and 4ChFr), between january of 1996 and december of 1997. The patients ranged in age from 3 to 148 days (mean of 43.3 and standard deviation of 47.5) and in weight from 1110 to 4000 grams (mean of 3182 grams and standard deviation 767.2 grams). Overall successful catheterization(More)
INTRODUCTION In the last few decades, the survival of children with haematology-oncological malignancies has increased due to more aggressive chemotherapy regimens. This has led to an increase of fungal infections causing significant morbidity and mortality in these patients. Hepatosplenic candidiasis is a disseminated candida infection that affects most(More)
OBJECTIVE The protein hypercatabolic state in critically ill pediatric patients can be minimized by an effective nutrition therapy. We conducted a study to evaluate the benefits of early parenteral nutrition (EPN) assessing its effect on nutritional parameters and clinical relevance after complex surgical procedures. METHODS Prospective randomized study(More)
The treatment of infection and obstruction in totally implantable central venous access catheters is based on the administration of medication into the system. Injected medication may be diluted in the portal which acts as a dead space in the line. We have studied the dynamic of fluids in the Low Profile Port-a-Cath, and developed an infusion-suction(More)