A. Pérez Antón

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The poor survival of embryonic dopaminergic (DA) neurons transplanted into patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) has encouraged researchers to search for new methods to affect the short- as well as long-term survival of these neurons after transplantation. In several previous rodent studies Sertoli cells increased survival of islet cells and chromaffin(More)
One of the major issues in neural transplantation is the low survival rate (<5%) of transplanted dopamine (DA) neurons [3]. Recently it has been shown that it is possible to enhance the survival of these neurons, which in turn may decrease the amount of tissue that is required for each transplantation patient. The present paper demonstrates a novel approach(More)
This work proposes a series of activities aiming at uniting two methodological objectives; achieving a competency-based learning that enhances autonomy and participation of students and promoting cooperative work approaches that encourage social abilities and solidarity. This work proposes a series of experiments and practical demonstrations in combination(More)
There is an old and popular adage that characterizes Mexico as a " two-country " country: one rich, modern and prosperous, and another poor, anachronistic and informal. Today the first generates about 25 per cent of the –formal-employment and 40 percent of GDP, while the second generates more than 40 percent of-mostly informal-employment and contribute with(More)
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