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Clinical and experimental studies have shown that serum aluminum (Al) is bound to transferrin and that cellular uptake of Al appears to be mediated by transferrin receptors. Based on these findings it is widely believed that intestinal Al absorption occurs via iron-specific, transferrin-dependent pathways and that iron (Fe) deficiency increases the(More)
Following the detection of cytomegalovirus antigen in mesangial cells of some patients with IgA nephropathy, an important role of human cytomegalovirus in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy has been discussed. We studied a case of IgA nephropathy with rapid deterioration of renal function associated with cytomegalovirus infection. Following an infection of(More)
Modern societies crucially depend on the robust supply with electric energy so that blackouts of power grids can have far reaching consequences. Typically, large scale blackouts take place after a cascade of failures: the failure of a single infrastructure component, such as a critical transmission line, results in several subsequent failures that spread(More)
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