A. Ortiz de Zárate

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Abstract Warren C. Robinson and others have presented strong evidence that a substantial portion of the variation in urban-rural fertility differentials is attributable to variations in infant and child mortality when the child-woman ratio is the index of fertility. This paper focuses on the contributions of several additional factors in accounting for(More)
Recent investigations indicate that fertility is not universally associated with urbanization and economic development in the manner predicted by the theory of the demographic transition. It is possible, however, that these investigations only partially test the theory, for the degree of industrialization in urbanareas is rarely taken into account. Two(More)
The pancreatic endocrine component was studied at different stages of development in the tadpoles of Rana temporaria. The material was embedded in Epon, and serial semithin and thin sections were made in order to correlate ultrastructural features and tinctorial traits of the endocrine cells. Serial semithin sections were also stained with the(More)
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