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  • A. P ELLIZZONI, Maria Ilia, +59 authors G. F. B IGNAMI
  • 2009
Using gamma-ray data collected by the AGILE satellite over a period of almost one year (from 2007 July to 2008 June), we searched for pulsed signal from 35 potentially interesting radio pulsars, ordered according to Fγ ∝ √ Ėd−2 and for which contemporary or recent radio data were available. AGILE detected 3 new topranking nearby and Vela-like pulsars with(More)
BACKGROUND Post-partum thyroiditis (PPT) is an autoimmune disorder occurring within the first year following delivery. A variable prevalence has been reported in different surveys. We prospectively evaluated PPT prevalence and outcome in a cohort of pregnant women living in a well-defined geographic area. AIM A subset from a group of healthy women(More)
Epidural analgesia has an ideal application in laminectomies and explorations of the spinal column. It has a great number of advantages for the patient and the surgeon and a small amount of disadvantages, if the method of epidural analgesia is applied by a skilled hand, serious dangers of complications occur very seldom.
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