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A novel technique for measuring droplet temperatures has been demonstrated. Laser-induced phosphorescence from thermographic phosphors, seeded to distilled water and iso-octane, was used to measure temperatures of single falling droplets. The phosphors were excited by the fourth and third harmonics of a Nd:YAG laser. The subsequent emission was evaluated by(More)
Laser techniques were applied to an acoustically levitated droplet for remote investigation of the diameter, species concentration and temperature of the suspended droplet. To this end, the third and the fourth harmonic of a Nd:YAG laser were used for investigation of elastic, fluorescence and phosphorescence signals from the droplet. The droplet was seeded(More)
  • A. Omrane
  • Int. J. Math. Mathematical Sciences
  • 2006
We use the kinetic approach of Perthame and Tadmor (1991) to calculate the error estimates for general scalar conservation laws governing problems in gas dynamics or fluid mechanics in general. The Kružkov and Kuznetsov techniques are generalized to this method, and an error bound of order √ ε (where ε is the mean free path) is obtained.
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