A. Ogiwara

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The integrated database retrieval system DBGET/LinkDB is the backbone of the Japanese GenomeNet service. DBGET is used to search and extract entries from a wide range of molecular biology databases, while LinkDB is used to search and compute links between entries in different databases. DBGET/LinkDB is designed to be a network distributed database system(More)
We have developed simulated annealing algorithms to solve the problem of multiple sequence alignment. The algorithm was shown to give the optimal solution as confirmed by the rigorous dynamic programming algorithm for three-sequence alignment. To overcome long execution times for simulated annealing, we utilized a parallel computer. A sequential algorithm,(More)
Recently we have constructed a database--the Enzyme-Reaction Database--which links a chemical structure to amino acid sequences of enzymes that recognize the chemical structure as their ligand. The total number of enzymes registered in the database is 1103 with 6668 NBRF-PIR entry codes and 1756 chemical compounds. The chemical structures and chemical names(More)
Gnome (GenomeNet Open Mail-service Environment) is a sequence analysis tool that enables an end-user to make use of several Internet- (mainly e-mail) based services with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Users can conduct homology and motif searches, and database-entry retrieval against the latest databases by emitting search requests to and(More)
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