A Obrénovitch

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The physicochemical and binding properties of succinylated wheat germ agglutinin are described in comparison with these of unmodified wheat germ agglutinin. Succinylated wheat germ agglutinin is an acidic protein with a pI of 4.0 +/- 0.2 while the native lectin is basic, pI of 8.5. The solubility of succinylated wheat germ agglutinin is about 100 times(More)
A method for the visualization of cellular carbohydrate components by both light and electron microscopy using lectins on glycol methacrylate sections is proposed. This method, which is an application of the lectin-peroxidase affinity technique, solves the problem of limited penetration when it is attempted to demonstrated lectins receptors within the(More)
Interactions of D-beta-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase with phospholipids were investigated by both intrinsic- and extrinsic-fluorescence approaches. The intrinsic fluorescence, mainly caused by tryptophan residues, increased upon re-activation in the presence of phospholipids bearing a positive charge, i.e. phosphatidylcholine, but decreased in the presence(More)
Fluorescein-substituted lectins, which can be used to visualize cell surface glycoconjugates, are shown to be usable in the quantitative determination of the number of receptor sites and of their association constant. The fluorescence measurements of the fluorescein-substituted lectins released from the cell surface with the related inhibitor, give(More)