A. O. H. Olofsson

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This work establishes the potential of Bio-Beads as a simple alternative to conventional dialysis for removing detergent and for obtaining 2D crystals of integral membrane proteins useful for structure analysis by electron crystallography. Kinetic and equilibrium aspects of removal of different detergents by adsorption onto hydrophobic Bio-Beads SM2 have(More)
Electron crystallography constitutes a powerful new method for determining the structure of biological macromolecules. This method is best adapted to the study of ordered assemblies of macromolecules, and principally to two-dimensional (2-D) crystals of proteins. Obtaining protein 2-D crystals ordered at high resolution constitutes the major limiting step(More)
Two-dimensional (2-D) crystals of annexin V, grown by specific binding to phosphatidylserine-containing planar lipid films, were studied by electron image analysis. Images of negatively stained two-dimensional crystals showed diffraction peaks extending to 11 A. After correcting lattice distorsions and averaging over several crystalline areas, the(More)
The radiometer on-board the Odin satellite comprises four different sub-mm receivers covering the 486–581 GHz frequency range and one fixed frequency 119 GHz receiver. Two auto-correlators and one acousto-optical spectrometer serve as backends. This article gives an overview over the processing of the data delivered by these instruments and discusses(More)
We present a 39 h integration with the Odin satellite on the ground-state 118.75 GHz line of O2 towards the region of strongest molecular emission in the Small Magellanic Cloud. Our 3σ upper limit to the O2 integrated intensity of < 0.049 K km s −1 in a 9′ (160 pc) diameter beam corresponds to an upper limit on the O2/H2 abundance ratio of < 1.3 × 10 .(More)
The structure of the cytochrome b6 f complex has been investigated by electron microscopy and image analysis of thin three-dimensional crystals. Electron micrographs of negatively stained specimens were recorded and showed optical diffraction peaks to 10 A resolution. A projection map was calculated at 8 A resolution and showed the presence of cytochrome b6(More)
The Odin satellite has been used to detect emission and absorption in the 557-GHz H 16 2 O line in the Galactic Centre towards the Sgr A * Circumnuclear Disk (CND), and the Sgr A +20 km s −1 and +50 km s −1 molecular clouds. Strong broad H 2 O emission lines have been detected in all three objects. Narrow H 2 O absorption lines are present at all three(More)
The modulation transfer function, MTF, has proved to be a powerful measure for predicting speech intelligibility in speech transmission channels. We extended it to include the ear, by measuring the psycho-acoustical MTF, i.e. the PMTF. Tone thresholds of 11 normal-hearing and 20 hearing-impaired subjects were measured in presence of unmodulated and(More)
An increasing number of hearing aid types include one or more features which are intentionally non-linear. In such devices measurement of frequency response and distortion using sweep tone measurements are typically of little relevance. Five different non-linear hearing aid types were used to evaluate three different broad-band measuring methods. The(More)