A. O. Berthet

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This paper investigates the effect of channel estimation errors in presence of spatial correlation for fading MIMO multiple access channels (MACs). Specifically, the capacity is derived under the notion of reliable communication based on the average of the error probability over all channel estimation errors. Although not necessarily optimality in presence(More)
In this paper, we investigate a new turbo-detector scheme. The data detection part of the iterative receiver is based on variants of full-states SOVE and SOVA Interference InterSymbols (ISI) decoders. Those variants employ reducedstate techniques combined with generalized per-survivor processing. They offer a very good trade-off between performance and(More)
Traditional information-theoretic approaches to study channel feedback assume that the information is sent from the receiver to the transmitter via an ideal (instantaneous high-rate and error-free) feedback link. This paper investigates the problem of reliable communication over non-ergodic memoryless (stationary) channels using non-errorfree feedback(More)
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