A. Nilipour

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The purpose of this paper is minimizing job dissatisfaction through a coordinated system of payment in order to increase employees’ satisfaction and productivity in Hamgamkhodro Asia factory. This study determines necessary parameters to evaluate the individuals and describes the determination of rewards according to mentioned parameters in total. The(More)
A gray-cheeked parakeet, approximately 3 years of age, was submitted for necropsy. Clinical signs included diarrhea, decreased feed consumption, fluffing of feathers, shivering, weight loss, and limping. Necropsy revealed enlargement and pale discoloration of the spleen and intestines. The liver contained multifocal pale foci. Granulomas, some of which had(More)
An experiment was conducted to study the effects of feeding diets composed of triticale (var: Flora) with varying ME levels and 7% CP on fertilizing capacity and semen quality of Medium White breeder toms. Thirty-nine breeder toms were fed ad libitum from 30 to 54 wk of age one of four dietary treatments: 14% CP with 2,892 kcal ME/kg; 7% CP with 2,919 kcal(More)
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