A. Nicolas

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GermOnline provides information and microarray expression data for genes involved in mitosis and meiosis, gamete formation and germ line development across species. The database has been developed, and is being curated and updated, by life scientists in cooperation with bioinformaticists. Information is contributed through an online form using free text,(More)
In this paper we present a Computer Aided Education package for real time computation of the waveforms of current and voltage appearing in a single-phase bridge rectiier. The user interface, conforming to the industrial standards X-windows and Motif, allows the end user to interactively modify any parameter of the system, and the solver is fast enough to(More)
We report the experimental observation of slow-light and coherent storage in a setting where light is tightly confined in the transverse directions. By interfacing a tapered optical nanofiber with a cold atomic ensemble, electromagnetically induced transparency is observed and light pulses at the single-photon level are stored in and retrieved from the(More)
We report on an experiment in which orbital angular momentum (OAM) of light is mapped at the single-photon level into and out of a cold atomic ensemble. Based on the dynamic electromagnetically induced transparency protocol, the demonstrated optical memory enables the reversible mapping of Laguerre-Gaussian modes with preserved handedness of the helical(More)
Construction projects (especially infrastructure) require high capital investments, both during construction and operation, and account for between 3 and 8 % of a developing country's GDP. On average, half of the investments in the economy are in construction and supporting economic activities. In developing countries, the construction sector must be(More)
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