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We prove mean and pointwise ergodic theorems for general families of averages on a semisimple algebraic (or S-algebraic) group G, together with an explicit rate of convergence when the action has a spectral gap. Given any lattice Γ in G, we use the ergodic theorems for G to solve the lattice point counting problem for general domains in G, and prove mean(More)
For a locally compact second countable group G and a lattice subgroup Γ, we give an explicit quantitative solution of the lattice point counting problem in general domains in G, provided that i) G has finite upper local dimension, and the domains satisfy a basic regularity condition, ii) the mean ergodic theorem for the action of G on G/Γ holds, with a rate(More)
We consider actions of non-compact simple Lie groups preserving an analytic rigid geometric structure of algebraic type on a compact manifold. The structure is not assumed to be uni-modular, so an invariant measure may not exist. Ergodic stationary measures always exist, and when such a measure has full support, we show the following. 1) Either the manifold(More)
We develop the affine sieve in the context of orbits of congruence subgroups of semi-simple groups acting linearly on affine space. In particular we give effective bounds for the saturation numbers for points on such orbits at which the value of a given polynomial has few prime factors. In many cases these bounds are of the same quality as what is known in(More)
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