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Indic script recognition is a difficult task due to the large number of symbols that result from concatenation of vowel modifiers to basic consonants and the conjunction of consonants with modifiers etc. Recognition of Gujarati script is a less studied area and no attempt is made so far to constitute confusion sets of Gujarati glyphs. In this paper, we(More)
It has been shown that gaps exist in the useful coverage service area of a cell and the reliability of coverage drops due to buildings as well as interference in CDMA cells. We have used the Generalized Poisson Process to model the areas where signal level fall below threshold and formulated the mathematical definition of useful service area in the presence(More)
The route discovery stage in MANET routing requires multi-hop message communication and is a crucial stage of any MANET routing protocol. Any optimization which increases the overall effectiveness in terms of routing efficiency and power utilization would improve the MANET performance. In this paper, we present our study of the effect of promiscuous mode(More)
Cloud Computing is an alluring technology which provides elasticity, scalability and cost-efficiency over a network. In recent years, Data security is considered as the measure issue leading towards a hitch in the adoption of cloud computing. Data privacy, Integrity and trust issues are few severe security concerns leading to wide adoption of cloud(More)
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