A. Nayeemulla Khan

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The consonant and transition regions around the vowel onset point hear important contextual cues for distinguishing between different classes of consonant vowel units. It is important to model these regions for improved speech recognition rates. Conventional fixed frame rate analysis does not distinguish between the different regions of the speech signal.(More)
The recognition rate of syllables in continuous speech is hampered due to the large size of the syllable vocabulary and the confusability among them. One approach to reduce the confusability and the search space is to preclassify the syllables into a small set of equivalent classes and then perform recognition within a particular equivalent class. In this(More)
This paper presents a person identification system which combines recognition of facial features as well as spoken word using visual features alone. It incorporates a face recognition algorithm to identify the person, followed by spoken word recognition of `lip-read' password. For face recognition, PCA is used for feature extraction, followed by a KNN based(More)
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