A. Navas

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The emergence of dynamical abrupt transitions in the macroscopic state of a system is currently a subject of the utmost interest. The occurrence of a first-order phase transition to synchronization of an ensemble of networked phase oscillators was reported, so far, for very particular network architectures. Here, we show how a sharp, discontinuous(More)
Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, the pine wilt nematode (PWN), is a quarantine organism with a high potential to damage conifer forests in Europe. This has driven the European Union to protect forest stands from the propagation and dispersion of this pathogen. However, the current control measures have been unsuccessful in preventing the dispersion of this(More)
Flow accumulation algorithms (FAAs) predict the cumulative upstream drainage but each FAA generates a different map and this uncertainty still remains unsolved. This study makes advances in flow path research by testing 8 FAAs and analyzing the uncertainties of 15 simulations. The DR2-2013 © SAGAv1.0 hydrological software is presented in a study carried out(More)
Many listeners with medium-severe hearing loss present audiograms with high frequency loss descending profiles. These patients can resolve spectral cues normally for lower frequency signals but they often show less ability to use high frequency information. We have presented in this paper a new Discrete Exponential Transform (DET), its fundamentals, and the(More)
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