A. Navarro

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This paper presents an open-loop compensation method in order to improve a commercial current sensor, based on the anisotropic magnetoresistive effect, for applications requiring high bandwidth current measurement. A simple passive differential filter is proposed to extend the open-loop AC transfer characteristic of AMR sensor. The sensitivity and bandwidth(More)
This paper presents a resonant converter to drive high-brightness light emitting diode (LED) lamps. The resonant converter operates at constant switching frequency, where the control parameter is the phase displacement ψ between the drive signals of each inverter leg. The proposed driver is able to set different patterns of amplitude and pulsewidth(More)
The paper describes the ability of the Generalized Impedance Converter (GIC) to work as a current-to-current converter. In its classical use GIC circuit was employed to simulate inductors in filters. Putting resistances in its structure and a current generator at its input, the GIC acts as a true current amplifier. The topology is analyzed obtaining DC(More)
This paper presents a laboratory PCB (Printed Circuit Board) used in the practical classes of power electronics in the new Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation taught at the University of Cantabria, where students are trained in the design and measurement of power converters. This laboratory circuit reduces the time spent assembling the circuit(More)
An intelligent sensor network with remote control via ETHERNET has been implemented to characterise ISFET (ion sensitive field effect transistor) sensors and to use them to measure the pH value of a solution. In this network each node is an intelligent instrument that can work embedded in the sensor network or as an independent instrument with remote(More)
This paper presents the dynamic study of a phase-controlled resonant converter suitable to drive high-brightness light emitting diode (LEDs) lamps. The output current is controlled, at constant switching frequency, through the phase displacement, Ψ, of the control signals of each class D section of the resonant inverter stage. To deal with the study(More)
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