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We have reviewed at an average period of ten years the results of 71 consecutive primary arthroplasties with the Insall-Burstein total condylar knee prosthesis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Their mean age at surgery was 52 years (24 to 72). At follow-up the overall results (Hospital for Special Surgery knee rating score) were excellent or good in(More)
Our aim was to determine the relationship between age and the mechanical and physical properties of trabecular bone, to describe the patterns in which the variations in these properties take place, and to investigate the influence of the physical properties on the mechanical characteristics of trabecular bone during growth. We used 30 lambs in three age(More)
We aimed to highlight the relationship between age and the architectural properties of trabecular bone, to outline the patterns in which the variations in these properties take place, and to investigate the influence of the architecture on the mechanical properties of trabecular bone in growing animals. We studied 30 lambs in three age groups and 20 sheep(More)
The effect of indomethacin 25 mg 3 times daily during the first 2 postoperative weeks in preventing heterotopic bone formation after cemented total hip arthroplasty was investigated in a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial on 57 patients. 16 patients were secondarily excluded, leaving 19 patients in the indomethacin group and 22(More)
Survivorship analysis was used in the evaluation of 348 consecutive primary total condylar knee arthroplasties (total knee arthroplasties) performed on 253 patients in a 27-month period, with a maximum follow-up period of 12 years. The diagnosis was osteoarthrosis in 184 cases and rheumatoid arthritis in 164 cases. Ten patients (10 total knee(More)
This randomized, double-blind, multi-centre study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy and safety of treatment for 4 weeks with codeine plus paracetamol versus paracetamol in relieving chronic pain due to osteoarthritis of the hip. A total of 158 outclinic patients entered the study. Eighty-three patients (mean age 66 years) were treated with codeine 60(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the incidence rate and to determine the etiology and the severity of accidents caused by playground equipment during the period 1.1.1989-31.12.1989 and to compare the results with the study made by Christensen et al (1-3). The number of children aged below 15 years was 42,635. A total of 270 playground accidents were(More)
We report 144 femoral shaft fractures (FSF) in 138 children less than 15 years old. The boy/girl ratio was 2.8:1. The incidence rate was 28 per 100,000 child-years. Young children (less than 3 years) had the highest incidence rates. The most common etiology was trauma due to traffic accidents (43.1%) and falls (42.2%). Falling off bicycles contributed to(More)
We report the results of 75 consecutive primary press-fit Kinemax arthroplasties with an average follow-up of 14 months (three to 28). We reviewed 26 cemented and 49 non-cemented tibial components implanted into 72 patients (30 men and 42 women, median age 70 years). At the latest follow-up the overall evaluation (Hospital for Special Surgery knee rating(More)