A. Nacev

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Any single permanent or electro magnet will always attract a magnetic fluid. For this reason it is difficult to precisely position and manipulate ferrofluid at a distance from magnets. We develop and experimentally demonstrate optimal (minimum electrical power) 2-dimensional manipulation of a single droplet of ferrofluid by feedback control of 4 external(More)
Magnetic fields have the potential to noninvasively direct and focus therapy to disease targets. External magnets can apply forces on drug-coated magnetic nanoparticles, or on living cells that contain particles, and can be used to manipulate them in vivo. Significant progress has been made in developing and testing safe and therapeutic magnetic constructs(More)
The ability to use magnets external to the body to focus therapy to deep tissue targets has remained an elusive goal in magnetic drug targeting. Researchers have hitherto been able to manipulate magnetic nanotherapeutics in vivo with nearby magnets but have remained unable to focus these therapies to targets deep within the body using magnets external to(More)
  • A Nacev, C Beni, O Bruno, B Shapiro
  • 2010
The behaviors of ferromagnetic nano-particles in and around blood vessels under applied magnetic fields $ Keywords: Magnetic drug targeting Ferromagnetic nanoparticles Simulations Tissue Blood vessels Treatment depth Non-dimensional parameters In-vivo experiments a b s t r a c t In magnetic drug delivery, therapeutic magnetizable particles are typically(More)
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