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BACKGROUND Genomic approaches provide unique opportunities to study interactions of insects with their pathogens. We developed a cDNA microarray to analyze the gene transcription profile of the lepidopteran pest Spodoptera frugiperda in response to injection of the polydnavirus HdIV associated with the ichneumonid wasp Hyposoter didymator. Polydnaviruses(More)
An Hyposoter didymator ichnovirus (HdIV) gene was stably maintained and efficiently transcribed in lepidopteran cell lines more than 3 years after HdIV infection. This K-gene had two introns and the fully spliced cDNA, named K19, comprised a short open reading frame and a long 3'-untranslated region with 13 imperfectly repeated sequences (44 to 102 nt).(More)
BACKGROUND The abundance and the conservation of the repeated element (rep) genes in Ichnoviruses genomes suggest that this gene family plays an important role in viral cycles. In the Ichnovirus associated with the wasp Hyposoter didymator, named HdIV, 10 rep genes were identified to date. In this work, we report a relative quantitative transcription study(More)
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