A N Tsenin

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A method for protoplastization of crystal- and spore-forming Bacillus thuringiensis bacterian and consequent cell wall regeneration on a solid hypertonic medium is presented. Up to 50% of the protoplasts prepared were viable and formed colonies under special conditions; at the same time, less than 0,01% of the cells treated with lysozyme were resistant to(More)
Bacterial protoplasts are widely used in genetical research, for instance, in protoplasts fusion experiments and the transfer of heterologous DNA into bacterial cells. The usage of a new fresh grown culture of bacteria in every experiment restricts the reproducibility of the results preventing the technique becoming widespread. The use of antioxidants as(More)
In the present study the possibility of obtaining interspecific bacterial hybrids by polyethylene glycol-assisted fusion of protoplasts from Bacillus thuringiensis and Bac. megaterium has been examined. Electron microscopic and genetic data allow to confirm with great probability that cytological fusion takes place. However, genetic analysis revealed that(More)
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