A. N. Sulabha

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Paramolars are rare supernumerary structures of maxillofacial complex that occur buccally or lingually near the molar row. Predominantly these occur singly; bilateral presentation is very rare. This paper reports two unusual bilateral presentations of paramolars with clinical complication and its management. One of the cases in the present paper also(More)
A post traumatic parotid sialocele is an acquired lesion that arises from extravasation of saliva into glandular or periglandular tissues secondary to disruption of the parotid duct or parenchyma. Facial trauma and surgery in the parotid region are the most common causes of this rare condition. This paper presents an unusual incidence of post traumatic(More)
Supernumerary teeth are defined as any teeth in excess of normal number. Mesiodens is a supernumerary tooth, in the central region of premaxilla between two central incisors. Dens invaginatus is a developmental anomaly resulting from invagination in the surface of tooth crown before calcification has occurred. Radiographically, it is observed as infolding(More)
Supernumerary teeth are extra teeth in comparison to the normal dentition. Their prevalence varies between 0.1% and 3.8%. Supernumeraries are more common in permanent dentition and its incidence is higher in maxillary incisor region, followed by maxillary third molar and mandibular molar, premolar, canine, and lateral incisor. The prevalence of(More)
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