A. N. Subramanyam

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A modified decision based unsymmetrical trimmed median filter algorithm for the restoration of gray scale, and color images that are highly corrupted by salt and pepper noise is proposed in this paper. The proposed algorithm replaces the noisy pixel by trimmed median value when other pixel values, 0's and 255's are present in the selected window and when(More)
Removal of noise is an essential and challengeable operation in image processing. Before performing any process, images must be first restored. Images may be corrupted by noise during image transmission through electronic media. Noise effect always corrupts any recorded image which is much more harmful for future process. To overcome the problem of noise(More)
Improved decision based unsymmetric trimmed median ?lter is one of the valuable methods that are capable to restore of gray scale images which have been enormously corrupted by Salt-and-Pepper noise. An Improved decision based unsymmetric trimmed median ?lter is proposed to enhance decision based unsymmetric trimmed median ?lter in term of its noise(More)
A Decision based scheme using a improved mesh based snake like sorting is proposed for the restoration of gray scale images that are heavily corrupted by salt and pepper noise. The proposed algorithm uses modified mean or median for image restoration. The processed pixel is examined for 0 or 255; if checked pixel is equal to 0 or 255, then it is considered(More)
The most recent approach manages to boost the particular contrast within digital images in productive manner through the use of the incorporated proposed algorithm. To preserve the edges and borders gradient based smoothing will also be used. And also the proposed approach has offered quite useful results, thus causes it to become more useful. The planned(More)
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