A. N. Shepoval’nikov

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Verbal activity as the higher psychic brain function is performed as a result of systemic interactions of many cerebral structures and processes at various levels of organization. It is shown in this work that based on analysis of spatial-temporal relations of EEG waves during performance by adult examinees of such verbal-mnestic tasks as mental count,(More)
The article discusses the probable role of many factors that determine the individual variety of the neurophysiological mechanisms that provide the opportunity to learn and use fluently two or more languages. The formation of the speech function is affected by both the general factors for bilinguals and monolinguals, as well as by the specific(More)
Correlation and coherence analyses of multichannel electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings from 18 subjects (mean age 25 years) were used for investigating the reorganization of systemic interactions between bioelectric potentials of the cortical areas of both hemispheres (20 EEG derivations) during verbal-mental activity connected with generating verbal(More)
The structure of regional interactions of brain bioelectric potentials has been studied during performance by adults (n = 18) and children aged five to six (n = 15) and eight to nine years (n = 17) of three analytical verbal tasks: recognition of a given phoneme in the context of auditory presented words and recognition of grammatical and semantic mistakes(More)
We report here data on a number of systematically recorded phasic EEG phenomena during the sleep–waking cycle, along with data on the heterogeneity of the EEG stages of sleep forming sequential sleep macrocycles in humans. These transient EEG changes quite often showed a tendency to periodicity, especially at the initial stages of sleep and in transitional(More)
127 On May 18, 2010, a scientific workshop on the top ical theoretical and applied problems of healthy human sleep and the most prevalent deviations from its normal pattern was held at the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry (IEPB), Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia. Research workers from many St. Petersburg(More)
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