A N Piatnitskiĭ

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Analysis of psychopathological traits of the paranoiac syndrome in 60 patients with late schizophrenia permitted to distinguish certan signs which can be allocated to the differentiation of late schizophrenia from other delusional psychoses in the elderly. The following differential signs were underlined: initial symptoms, such as rudimentary(More)
A conception of the approach to Parkinson's disease treatment at early stage, which could be realized in practice is suggested. The conception is based on the results of dopaminergic drugs treatment of 149 patients, aged 33-87 years. The patient's state was assessed by neurological examination and clinical scales with regard to different disease types,(More)
A comparative age-associated study of the efficacy and side effects of amitriptyline and maprotyline was carried out in a group of 93 patients over 50. The health status of the patients was assessed with the aid of Hamilton's depression scale and the scale of side effects on days 0, 7 and 28 of the therapy. It has been discovered that on day 28 maprotyline(More)
On the basis of a comparative age-specific analysis of 115 patients with depression which first manifested itself at the age over 60, the author shows the dependence of a number of clinical characteristics (typology of manifest attacks, their duration, as well as the likelihood of the development of individual nosological forms of affective psychoses) on(More)
Using gas chromatography the authors have studied the time course of lipid peroxidation (LPO) in patients with manic depressive psychosis (a depressive phase) during a course of antidepressive therapy. The results indicate that the levels of LPO in young patients (up to 30 years) with a disease standing of up to 5 years are significantly higher than in(More)
A study of 60 schizophrenic patients permitted to clinically analyze the state of late paranoic psychoses, which is difficult for differential diagnosis due to pronounced age syndromological atypicity. The allocation of these prevalently slowly progressive forms to late schizophrenia is based on studies of the regularity of the disease, particular(More)
As many as 38 patients with the bipolar and 70 patients with the monopolar types of affective psychosis manifesting at an age over 45 years were examined. A comparative age-associated examination of the given patients has demonstrated that the differences in the clinical characteristics and regularities of the mono- and bipolar disease forms are(More)
The changes of main platelet serotonergic parameters (maximal velocity of 3H-serotonin uptake, Vmax; and density of (3)3H-imipramine binding sites, Bmax) were followed up in 25 endogenously depressed patients before and after electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). It was found a marked decrease in the velocity of 3H-serotonin uptake into platelets (Vmax) from(More)
The authors studied the effect of the total peptide fraction of the urine of healthy donors and patients with manic-depressive psychosis on the development of glioneuronal aggregates of the cerebral cortex cultivated in collagen gel. Urine peptides from the patients dramatically increased the migration and differentiation of glioblasts while the action of(More)
A chronometric EEG analysis was made in 60 patients aged 50 to 86 years with affective psychosis in different stages of the depressive phase. It has been demonstrated that the development of depressive conditions gives rise not only to changes in the frequency and amplitude characteristics of the EEG but also in the ratios of interhemispheric asymmetry of(More)