A. N. Norali

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Telehealth is a term used widely nowadays in conjunction with better ICT growth in the healthcare delivery. It integrates the used of telecommunication and information systems as well as multimedia technologies to promote healthcare delivery and create health plan for the individual. The Malaysia's Telemedicine Blueprint 1997 was an initiative by the(More)
Breathing is one of the human physiological activities that catch the interest of researchers especially in the area of medical diagnosis and human physiological performance. Mostly, the measurement and data are in form of pressure and volume variables of air intake and outflow. However, using airflow pressure and volume require installment of certain(More)
In the past decades, there has been an increase in the prevalence of degenerative joint diseases. Artificial knee replacement has been shown to be effective and have predictable results in patients with arthritis. Following the implant replacement, the patients are able to resume their daily living. The preliminary design and analysis of artificial knee(More)
Development of automated and accurate techniques for ECG recognition is important for diagnosis of heart diseases. Arrhythmic signals occur due to the disturbances to the rate, regularity, nodes and conduction path of the electrical impulses. Bundle branch block arises from defects of the conduction pathways involving blockage of electrical impulses through(More)
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