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—A pseudo-differential fully balanced fully symmetric CMOS operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) architecture with inherent common-mode detection is proposed. Through judicious arrangement, the common-mode feedback circuit can be economically implemented. The OTA achieves a third harmonic distortion of 43 dB for 900 mV pp at 30 MHz. The OTA,(More)
The IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth standards are two of the major driving forces of the short-range wireless communications market. Their coexistence in both home and office environments, grows constantly. As a result, a highly integrated and power efficient radio for both standards becomes an essential component for electronic products. A dual-mode(More)
—A low-voltage fourth-order RF bandpass filter structure based on emulation of two magnetically coupled resonators is presented. A unique feature of the proposed architecture is using electric coupling to emulate the effect of the coupled inductors, thus providing bandwidth tuning with small passband ripple. Each resonator is built using on-chip spiral(More)
—In this paper, an approach to map the Bluetooth and 802.11b standards specifications into an architecture and specifications for the building blocks of a dual-mode direct conversion receiver is proposed. The design procedure focuses on optimizing the performance in each operating mode while attaining an efficient dual-standard solution. The impact of the(More)
—A low-power quadrature direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) is presented. Piecewise linear approximation is used to avoid using a ROM look-up table to store the sine values in a conventional DDFS. Significant saving in power consumption, due to the elimination of the ROM, renders the design more suitable for portable wireless communication(More)
In this paper, the N-phase current driven passive mixer clocked by 1/N duty-cycle clocks is analyzed. The analysis shows that the N-phase passive mixer holds the property of impedance transformation, where it can frequency-translate baseband lowpass impedances into RF frequency to synthesize high-Q bandpass filters. This property can be used to replace the(More)
Keywords: Transconductor Low-voltage Low-power Nonlinearity Gm-C filters Common-mode feedback (CMFB) Fully differential CMOS a b s t r a c t A highly linear fully differential CMOS transconductor architecture based on flipped voltage follower (FVF) is proposed. The linearity of the proposed architecture is improved by mobility reduction compensation(More)