A . N . Makarenko

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Six-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity (with a linear Gauss-Bonnet term) is investigated. This theory is inspired by basic features of results coming from string and M-theory. Dynamical compactification is carried out and it is seen that a four-dimensional accelerating FRW universe is recovered, when the two-dimensional internal space radius shrinks.(More)
The paper covers the problem of recognition of burst-like objects in time series. The new tool in the proposed methodology is a cluster definition based on the invariants of some transformations. A particular case of application of the method to spike recognition in neurophysiology is described in details. Neuronal spikes are considered as geometrical(More)
The measure of information of an individual object is considered. It is based on the measure of dissymmetry contained in the object and its description. As the qualitative measure of dissymmetry the orbit power of an object automorphism is suggested. As examples of application to mathematical physics we consider the parameter distributions and form of(More)
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