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The paper describes development experience and presents operation results of the test organisms' efficiency self-diagnosis as a part of the bioelectronic System for Industrial Biological Water Quality Monitoring (SIBWQM) installed at water intakes of St. Petersburg (Russia).
A method of evaluation of breeding material was developed, which should be conducted in a multivariate experiment, since not all varieties are equally responsive to the “standard” growth conditions. Inclusion in the experimental scheme of such variants as different doses of mineral nutrition, seeding rates, planting dates, and salinization allow one to(More)
The aim was to study the effects of exposure of albino rats to continuous terahertz radiation with frequencies equal to absorption and emission frequencies of nitrogen oxide (150.176‐150.664 GHz) and atmospheric oxygen (129.0 ± 0.75 GHz) during their immobilization stress on their blood flow rate. Methods – The group of 120 male non‐pedigree albino rats(More)
We argue that storage rings can be used for the detection of low–frequency gravitational–wave background. variations of the machine circumference of the SPring–8 storage ring we explain the systematic shrinkage of the machine circumference by the influence of the relic gravitational–wave background. We give arguments against a possibility to explain the(More)
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