A N Exton-Smith

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The quantity of bone and osteoid has been measured in undecalcified sections of iliac-crest biopsy specimens taken from patients with fracture of the femoral neck. A control group of bone samples was obtained from post-mortem material. The 'Quantimet 720' image-analysing computer system was used to measure the area of bone and osteoid. An eye-piece(More)
Event-related potentials particularly the P3 component have been noted to be abnormal in illnesses affecting cognitive processes, such as dementia. The relationship between the P3 latency and objective tests of mental function in patients with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia has been studied. A significant correlation was demonstrated between P3(More)
Memory impairment is a salient and early feature of developing dementia, but in practice is often not recognised until it has reached an advanced stage. The operation described is of a Memory Clinic opened on an experimental basis at the Geriatric Research Unit, University College London, in 1983, with the aim of identifying the causes of memory impairment(More)
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