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This paper proposes two alternative policies for preventive replacement of a component, which shows sign of occurrence of a fault, and operates for some random time with degraded performance, before its final failure. The time between fault occurrence and component failure is termed as delay time. The first policy, namely age replacement during delay time(More)
Fracture of tooth after trauma is distressing to a person because of the discomfort and pain due to pulpal injury. Crown root fractures of anterior teeth cause concomitant periodontal injury and there will be concern about appearance, and aesthetics. Management of pulpal and periodontal tissue relieves pain and restoration of tooth form regains patients(More)
Diphtheria as an epidemic disease is comparatively infrequent in tropical countries. There is evidence, however, that the disease is endemic in India and in other equatorial zones. From studies made in a number of countries, the epidemiology of the disease has become more easily understood than before. Certain features may, therefore, be now fitted into the(More)
Traumatic injuries in childhood may disrupt root development leading to a tooth with open apex. Apexification procedures in such cases aim at root end closure after reasonable period of time. In some chronic cases, complete healing of the periapical area does not occur resulting in development of a nonhealing sinus. Failure of nonsurgical approach in such(More)
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