A. N. Chalazonitis

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Over the past decade, the technology that permits images to be digitized and the reduction in the cost of digital equipment allows quick digital transfer of any conventional radiological film. Images then can be transferred to a personal computer, and several software programs are available that can manipulate their digital appearance. In this article, the(More)
BACKGROUND Hughes-Stovin syndrome is a rare entity. The aetiology of Hughes-Stovin syndrome is still unknown and the natural course of the illness is usually fatal; however it is supposed to be a clinical variant manifestation of Behçet disease. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of an 18 years old, greek male patient with Hughes-Stovin syndrome, who(More)
INTRODUCTION Lipomas can be found anywhere in the body with the majority located in the head and neck region as well as in the shoulder and back. They are not very common in the hand and those involving the fingers are very rare. Although, it is not the only case reported, lipoma of the index finger is very uncommon. CASE PRESENTATION A 52-year-old(More)
The authors report on a case of a hemophilic male patient, aged 43, HIV positive, HCV positive, who had an episode of intracerebral hemorrhage after a car accident. Intracranial hemorrhage is the most feared complication of hemophilia, especially among HIV positive, who now are considered to be a group at high risk for bleeding. In this report, it is(More)
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