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Altogether 125 patients with mandibular fractures of different localization were treated. Implantation of ultrahigh dispersed hydroxyapatite was included in the treatment schemes, both surgical and conservative, of 65 of these patients. Such implantations were found easy to perform, well tolerated by the patients, and causing no side effects. The incidence(More)
An analysis of outcomes of the surgical treatment of patients with malignant tumors of the hairy part of head has shown expediency of using pedicle flaps from neighbouring and remote parts. When planning the procedures the esthetic effect of the operation should be taken into consideration because of the necessity to restore the hair of the scalp.
Under analysis were observations of 34 patients with obliterating diseases of the lower extremity vessels. All of them were treated by autotransfusion of ultraviolet irradiated blood. It was noted that the patients' state improved, pains subsided and the ulcers were epithelized. Control examinations have revealed better blood filling of the tissues and(More)
Study of the relationship between the time course of secondary tissue hypoxia development and changes in the neutrophilic phagocytic activity, which was carried out in 65 patients with combined maxillofacial and craniocerebral injury, has revealed a detrimental effect of hypoxia on antibacterial defense factors of the body, this effect being conductive to(More)
Protegentin is a formulation in the form of an ointment for local application. Its high efficacy was demonstrated in the treatment of wounds in the 1st phase of the process, extended decubitus, trophic ulcers, wounds of various genesis not healing for prolonged periods, urogenital infections, abscesses, maxillofacial phlegmon and abscessing parodontosis.(More)