A.N. Abdalla

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We present a design and finite element analysis for piezoresistive cantilever sensor with stress concentration holes. As the magnitude of the forces involved is very small, increasing the sensitivity of the microcantilever sensors involved is a priority. In this paper we are considering to achieve this by structural variation of the cantilevers. Firstly the(More)
Research Areas: Real-time Quantitative Neurotransmitter Measurements: We are developing cutting-edge electrochemical technology to monitor the brain's molecules in real time. Of particular interest to us are the neurotransmitters serotonin and histamine. Serotonin and histamine dysfunction are thought to underlie a variety of diseases including mood and(More)
The accuracy and stability of many systems in chemical and process industries which has Two-Input Two-Output (TITO) is one of the key factors of process which have cross coupling between process input and output. Unlike traditional neural network weight adaptation using gradient descent method, Hybrid Genetic-Immune technique was utilized for adaptive(More)
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