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OBJECTIVE To investigate the feasibility of visualizing lymphatic drainage of the prostate using indocyanine green. The results were compared with standard radio-guided sentinel lymph node dissection and validated by extended pelvic lymph node dissection. METHODS From March 2010 to October 2011, (99m)Tc-labelled colloid (18 hours before surgery) and(More)
BACKGROUND Kidney stones affect people worldwide and have a high rate of recurrence even with treatment. Recurrences are particularly prevalent in people with low urinary citrate levels. These people have a higher incidence of calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate stones. Oral citrate therapy increases the urinary citrate levels, which in turn binds with(More)
INTRODUCTION There is a paucity of a standardized post-operative complications grading system in urology especially in the elderly population. Studies show satisfactory survival and oncological outcomes albeit with a slight increase in post-operative morbidity compared to younger patients. The Clavien-Dindo classification for post-operative complications is(More)