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We investigate a mathematical model of tumor-immune interactions with chemotherapy, and strategies for optimally administering treatment. In this paper we analyze the dynamics of this model, characterize the optimal controls related to drug therapy, and discuss numerical results of the optimal strategies. The form of the model allows us to test and compare(More)
In bioinformatics, the discovery of transcription factor binding affinities is important. This is done by sequence analysis of micro array data. The determination of continuous and gapped motifs accurately from the given long sequence of data, say genetic data is challenging and requires a detailed study. In this paper, we propose an algorithm that can be(More)
—The Internet is a ubiquitous and affordable communications network suited for e-commerce and medical image communications. Security has become a major issue as data communication channels can be intruded by intruders during transmission. Though, different methods have been proposed and used to protect the transmission of data from illegal and unauthorized(More)
Secure transmission of message was the concern of early men. Several techniques have been developed ever since to assure that the message is understandable only by the sender and the receiver while it would be meaningless to others. In this century, cryptography has gained much significance. This paper proposes a scheme to generate a Dynamic Key-dependent(More)
Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) and Shortest Common Subsequence (SCS) problems are to find subsequences in given sequences in which the subsequence is as long as possible and as short as possible subsequence respectively. These subsequences are not necessarily contiguous or unique. In this paper we have proposed two new approaches to find LCS and SCS, of N(More)
Iris recognition is the most accurate means of personnel identification due to the uniqueness of the patterns contained in each iris. The proposed technique uses the principle of the method proposed by Masek [4] to normalize the iris region. Libor Masek used a rectangular representation of the iris generated from a uniform selection of points along the(More)
Feature selection aims to select subset of original features. It removes unrelated, redundant or noisy data from the problem domain. Rough set theory is often applied to feature reduction using the data alone, requiring no additional information and widely used for classification tool in data mining. Clustering, a form of data grouping, groups a set of data(More)
With the rapidly changing technological realm, modern healthcare management systems need to change to accommodate these new advances. There is an urgent need to provide and protect the confidentiality of health care records when stored in common databases and transmitted over public insecure channel. This paper outlines DNA sequence based cryptography which(More)