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This study investigated the effects of endurance exercise training on ileum antioxidant status, as well as tight junction, inflammatory, and nutrient transporter gene expression. Sprague–Dawley rats (4 month old) were assigned to sedentary (SED) or endurance exercise-training (EXE) groups (n = 8/group). EXE animals were trained on the treadmill for 10 days(More)
Skeletal muscles comprise the largest organ system in the body and play an essential role in body movement, breathing, and glucose homeostasis. Skeletal muscle is also an important endocrine organ that contributes to the health of numerous body organs. Therefore, maintaining healthy skeletal muscles is important to support overall health of the body.(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 30-second all-out sprint interval exercise (SIE) vs. moderate aerobic exercise (MA) on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Six recreationally-trained males (age=23.3±1.4 yrs, weight=81.8±9.9 kg, height=180.8±6.3 cm) completed a sprint interval exercise session consisting of three(More)
Mechanical ventilation is a life-saving intervention for patients in respiratory failure. Unfortunately, prolonged ventilator support results in diaphragmatic atrophy and contractile dysfunction leading to diaphragm weakness, which is predicted to contribute to problems in weaning patients from the ventilator. While it is established that ventilator-induced(More)
Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) is well equipped to deal with conflicting, qualitative objectives when evaluating strategic options. Scenario planning provides a framework for confronting uncertainty, which MCDA lacks. Integration of these methods offers various advantages, yet its effective application in evaluating strategic options would benefit(More)
A software-based intermediate frequency (IF) GPS signal simulator for the L1 C/A code signal is developed and verified in this thesis. The signal simulator is implemented in MATLAB with some key functions coded in C to accelerate speed of operation. A mathematical signal model is developed that expresses the digitized IF GPS signal as a function of various(More)
Prolonged mechanical ventilation (MV) leads to rapid diaphragmatic atrophy and contractile dysfunction, which is collectively termed "ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction" (VIDD). Interestingly, endurance exercise training prior to MV has been shown to protect against VIDD. Further, recent evidence reveals that sedentary animals selectively bred to(More)