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In this paper, we describe how to define and build a set of known loads to be used in near-field microwave microscopy. Such loads are necessary to set up a microwave calibration kit, enabling local quantitative measurements by the microscope. The proposed protocol is validated through the microscopy system we have recently developed that combines a scanning(More)
This paper presents a method for the design of compact diplexers, where the common junction is considered part of the filters, thus reducing the diplexer length by roughly one cavity. Starting from two filter prototypes satisfying the desired specifications, the technique provides the design equations in closed form. Effectiveness and accuracy of the(More)
This paper presents a novel kind of circuit prototype suitable for modeling of coaxial cavity filters, where all cavities are coupled sidewise. Initially, the parameters of the prototype are explicitly derived from those of the classical Cohn's inline filter, which is assumed as the starting point. The main feature of the proposed adaptive model is its(More)
This paper introduces a general method for the analysis of the individual blocks forming a complex circuit by measurements or simulations carried out on the whole. This is useful in those situations where the analysis of the single blocks is difficult. Paradoxically, the analysis of more complex structures, which contain individual elements, as subcircuits(More)
  • A Morini
  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and…
  • 2011
This paper illustrates the design guidelines and main features of a dual-channel rotary joint, operating in <i>X</i>- and <i>Ka</i>-bands. The core of the proposed solution is the double transducer between <i>X</i> and <i>Ka</i> rectangular waveguides and a nested coaxial waveguide, which shows very good performance in both bands.
An (<i>N</i>+1)-port junction endowed with complete rotational symmetry with respect to the first <i>N</i> ports is analyzed by a partial spectral decomposition of its <i>S</i>-matrix. This approach produces N/2 one-port boundary value problems, as well as a single two-port problem, which can be easily solved by means of standard full-wave simulators. The(More)
The filter prototype of side-coupled coaxial filters, which we recently proposed, has been modified to suit an arrangement in which the coupling apertures are placed on the side opposite the coaxial end gaps. In this situation, the modified prototype fits the physical counterpart better, resulting in a further design simplification. In addition, the feeds(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the effects of the exposure to Extremely Low Frequency ElectroMagnetic Fields (ELFEMFs) on nonand excitable cells using in vitro cell models, namely neuron-like cell line (PC12), glioblastoma-derived GL15 cells as glial model and C2C12 myocytes as muscle model, focusing our attention on standardized protocols for ELF-EMFs(More)
A technique is described to measure the generalized scattering matrix (GSM) of a waveguide device whose ports are multimodal. The device-under-test is placed in between suitable converters, thereby transforming multimodal ports into monomodal ports. The needed data are then measured using a standard vector network analyzer. A dedicated algorithm is finally(More)
Nanoparticles are receiving increasing attention as carriers of active drugs or biochemical signals. Among them, fullerene C60 is particularly attractive since its cage structure helps it to carry other molecules and its lipophilicity helps it to penetrate through a cell membrane. This paper explores the potential of time-gated broadband near-field scanning(More)