A. Moretti

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The chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) was formally defined to describe disabling fatigue of unknown etiology with immunologic disfunctions. In most cases occur abnormalities of neurophysiological tests. In this paper the Authors use the low (11 pps) and high (51-71 pps) frequency ABR for detecting the electrophysiological function of auditory brainstem(More)
Two short (<2 s) γ-ray bursts (GRBs) have recently been localized 1–4 and fading afterglow counterparts detected 2–4. The combination of these two results left unclear the nature of the host galaxies of the bursts, because one was a star-forming dwarf, while the other was probably an elliptical galaxy. Here we report the X-ray localization of a short burst(More)
Two clinical cases in which Portland cement (PC) was applied as a medicament after pulpotomy of mandibular primary molars in children are presented. Pulpotomy using PC was carried out in two mandibular first molars and one mandibular second molar, which were further followed-up. At the 3, 6 and 12-month follow-up appointments, clinical and radiographic(More)
Lip cancer is the most frequent malignant neoplasm of the oral cavity. The study reported herewith refers to the clinico-pathological features and surgical treatment of lip cancer. The most frequent tumour related to the lips is squamous cell carcinoma, with the lower lip more commonly involved than the upper lip. Typically, squamous cell carcinoma(More)
Tympanometry with 220 Hz probe tone mainly measures compliance related components of the middle ear. Only higher frequency probe tones provide information on mass related components. In order to study the behavior of the mass related components in endolymphatic hydrops, the Authors tested 15 Ménière's disease patients and 10 healthy subjects using(More)
Mandibular condylar neck fractures and subcondylar fractures represent, respectively, 19-29% and 62-70% of all mandibular fractures; treatment involves some problems, common to both, concerning the choice of an adequate approach. Herewith, personal experience is reported related to the surgical treatment of some cases of mandibular condylar neck and(More)
The Swift X-ray Telescope (XRT) has discovered that flares are quite common in early X-ray afterglows of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), being observed in roughly 50% of afterglows with prompt follow-up observations. The flares range in fluence from a few per cent to approximately 100% of the fluence of the prompt emission (the GRB). Repetitive flares are seen,(More)
'Long' gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are commonly accepted to originate in the explosion of particularly massive stars, which give rise to highly relativistic jets. Inhomogeneities in the expanding flow result in internal shock waves that are believed to produce the gamma-rays we see. As the jet travels further outward into the surrounding circumstellar medium,(More)
This paper reports a series of clinical cases of ankyloglossia in children, which were approached by different techniques: frenotomy and frenectomy with the use of one hemostat, two hemostats, a groove director or laser. Information on the indications, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of the techniques was also presented. Children diagnosed(More)