A. Moretti

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1T. Goumperis
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1P. Battilani
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Climate change has been reported as a driver for emerging food and feed safety issues worldwide and its expected impact on the presence of mycotoxins in food and feed is of great concern. Aflatoxins have the highest acute and chronic toxicity of all mycotoxins; hence, the maximal concentration in agricultural food and feed products and their commodities is(More)
A methodology aiming at identifying and removing biofilms from cultural heritage was applied to stones from tuff walls in historical sites. Identification of phototrophic encrusting microorganisms was carried out by optical and electron microscopy, as well as by molecular techniques (DNA analyses and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE)). In all(More)
UNLABELLED The enterochromaffin-like (ECL) cells, the most frequent endocrine cells of the oxyntic mucosa of the stomach, are under the trophic stimulus of gastrin. These cells undergo a hyperplastic increase in variety of hypergastrinemic diseases. The most widely accepted nomenclature for the description of hyperplastic proliferation has been(More)
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