A. Monin

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Magnetometers and accelerometers are sensors that are now integrated in objects of everyday life like automotive applications, mobile phones and so on. Some applications need information of acceleration and attitude with a high accuracy. For example, MEMS magnetometers and accelerometers can be integrated in embedded like mobile phones and GPS receivers.(More)
Uranium level in drinking water is usually in the range of microgram-per-liter, but this value may be as much as 100 to 1000 times higher in some areas, which may raise question about the health consequences for human populations living in these areas. Our purpose was to improve knowledge of chemical effects of uranium following chronic ingestion.(More)
Enzymes that metabolize xenobiotics (XME) are well recognized in experimental models as representative indicators of organ detoxification functions and of exposure to toxicants. As several in vivo studies have shown, uranium can alter XME in the rat liver or kidneys after either acute or chronic exposure. To determine how length or level of exposure affects(More)
We consider the phase transition of a string with tension ε 1 to a string with a smaller tension ε 2. The transition proceeds through quantum tunneling, and we calculate in arbitrary number of dimensions the pre-exponential factor multiplying the leading semiclassical exponential expression for the rate of the process. At ε 2 = 0 the found formula for the(More)
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