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Recording fetal magnetoencephalographic (fMEG) signals in-utero is a demanding task due to biological interference, especially maternal and fetal magnetocardiographic (MCG) signals. A method based on orthogonal projection of MCG signal space vectors (OP) was evaluated and compared with independent component analysis (ICA). The evaluation was based on MCG(More)
3D spectroscopy of the ionized gas kinematics in galactic rings. Abstract. The kinematics of galactic rings were studied with a scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer mounted in the multi-mode focal reducer SCORPIO (Afanasiev & Moiseev 2005) at the SAO RAS 6-m telescope. The analysis of the ionized gas velocity fields allows us to understand the nature of the(More)
Fossil systems are understood to be the end product of galaxy mergers within groups and clusters. Their halo morphology points to their relaxed/virialised nature, thus allowing them to be employed as observational probes for the evolution of cosmic structures, their thermodynamics and dark matter distribution. Cosmological simulations, and their underlying(More)
I discuss my latest observational data and ideas about decoupled gaseous subsystems in nearby lenticular galaxies. As an extreme case of inclined gaseous disks, I demonstrate a sample of inner polar disks, derive their incidence, about 10% among the volume-limited nearby S0 galaxies, and discuss their origin. However, large-scale decoupled gaseous disks at(More)
We present results of our investigation of two multi-spin galaxies which were taken from the catalog of polar ring galaxies. All of them possess nucleus-like knots. An analysis of gas and stars kinematics and study of the stellar population were carried out for these objects. A complex structure and peculiar kinematics of both components were revealed. The(More)
A larger, lab-scale photocatalytic suspended-bed reactor using TiO2 sol-gel-coated expanded clay granules as a bed material was evaluated for oxidative removal of the persistent pharmaceuticals doxycycline, prednisolone, amoxicillin, and sulfamethizole, as well as their mixture, in ppm concentrations. The photocatalytic degradation potential of drug(More)
Whether the formation of bars is triggered by interactions or by internal processes has been discussed for many decades. In this work, we study differences between both mechanisms by means of numerical simulations. We relate our analysis to fly-by interactions in different mass groups or clusters according to the velocity of the encounters. We find that(More)