A. Mohammadian

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We examined antinociception and gene expression of mu-opioid receptor 1 (MOR1) in some brain areas of cholestatic rats, 21 days after common bile duct ligation (BDL). Cholestasis was induced in male Wistar rats during laparotomy and common BDL. Pain behavior was assessed on days 7, 14 or 21 of BDL using a hotplate test in control, sham and cholestatic(More)
We say that two graphs G1 and G2 with the same vertex set commute if their adjacency matrices commute. In this paper, we find all integers n such that the complete bipartite graph Kn, n is decomposable into commuting perfect matchings or commuting Hamilton cycles. We show that there are at most n−1 linearly independent commuting adjacency matrices of size(More)
240 laying birds were procured and distributed randomly into four treatments and four replicate (15 birds each) which was fed one of the following experimental diets containing different levels of probiotics (Biomin IMBO) for seven weeks. 1-Basel diet (control groups), 2-Basel diet + 250 g/t, 3-Basel diet + 500 g/t, 4-Basel diet + 750 g/t feed respectively.(More)
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