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Synthetic transmit aperture (STA) ultrasound imaging offers dynamic focusing in both transmission and receiving, leading to high image resolution. The major problem of this technique is the low signal to noise ratio (SNR) compared to the conventional B-mode ultrasound method. Hadamard encoded transmission is an approach to overcome this difficulty, but it(More)
Fault is inevitable especially in MASS (multi-agent system) because of their distributed nature. This paper introduces a new approach for fault tolerance using help provision and emotional decision-making. Tasks that are split into criticality-assigned real-time subtasks according to their precedence graph are distributed among specialized agents with(More)
DCim++ is a C++ library developed for object oriented hardware design, modeling and distributed simulation. DCim++ enables C++ to be used as an OO HDL, which supports concurrency in description, inheritance in design and distributedness in simulation. Design simulation results are obtained by running C++ programs on a network of workstations. The Message(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is an evolutionary computation method which has successfully been used in many engineering optimization problems. The major obstacle limiting the use of PSO in real-time applications is its long execution time. Hardware implementation of evolutionary algorithms has been employed to alleviate the high computational cost of(More)
With time-to-market getting the most important issue in system design, reusing the design experiences as well as the IP cores is becoming very critical. Design patterns, intended for simplifying the reuse process, are design experiences that worked well in the past and documented to be reused in the future. In this paper, a design pattern named NnEP(More)
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